Friday, June 19, 2009

Projects of the Past: Nigerian Oceanography Part II

There is a prescribed sequence for starting a Nigerian oceanographic cruise. First you take a group photo at the lifejacket drill.

Then you settle in to a nice bowl of fiery goat pepper stew.

After a quick wash-up in the ablution and bug drowning barrel.....
.....its time to launch the gear.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Projects of the Past: Nigerian Oceanography Part I

I was young and relaxed when we started this one and Tim's back was still working pretty good.
Each challenge was eventually met as we slowly mobilized one of the largest oceanographic studies ever undertaken of the Nigerian coast.

It was hard but rewarding (at first).

We were struck by the hospitalilty of our hosts and enjoyed a little sightseeing while we waited for our trusty but misplaced vessel the M/V Calabar Carrier.

The boat was about 2 weeks late (a personal record!) but it did eventually back into the dock in Lagos. We loaded her up and went to sea.

Tim and I always tried to keep safety in the top 5. We operated on the buddy system when it was clear that safety would not reside within the top 3.